New Battery For 2014

I went ahead and got a new battery for my kayak for 2014. I upgraded to a 40aH Lithium ion battery, weighing just 9lbs. My previous lithium battery (which still works fine) weighs just over 20 lbs. I wanted something even lighter. Lithium batteries are still relatively expensive when compared to conventional wet cell and AGm marine batteries. Since I use my kayak on a regular basis, it is worth the investment for me. 

The battery is comprised of 8 lithium polymer cells. These cells are controlled/protected by circuitry that prevents over discharging and over charging. Everything is shrinkwrapped into a nice, neat package.

This past weekend, I was able to test the battery on the water. I launched out of Jean Roberts Memorial Park in Havre de Grace, MD. I spent about 7 hours on the water! After an hour of use, I pulled over to the shore and gave a quick visual inspection of the battery. Everything was working just fine. 

It wasn’t till the end of the day that the battery was drained. The “Protection Control Board” wired into the battery shuts the power off when the voltage reaches 9.2V. This prevents over discharging (running the battery too low), which will damage lithium cells. 

Here is a video from the initial test…

I am pleased with the results from this initial test run. I am looking forward to more trips with this light weight battery. The weight savings in my kayak are worth it!

Air Traffic Control »

Flew up to BWI one evening. Here’s what it sounds like when working with air traffic controllers.

Getting ready for the cold…

Unscheduled Swim In The Chesapeake Bay!

Well yesterday was an adventure. While competing in the 3rd Annual Chesapeake Bay Kayak Anglers charity tournament, I fell out of my kayak. Knowing how stable my kayak is, I’ve always been intrigued in knowing exactly what others were doing when they’ve “turtled”. My buddies and I have maintained the position that when most people turtle, its because they’re caught off guard while their center of gravity is misaligned with the kayak. Well today was a different animal for me…

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Kayak Maintenance

My kayak sees a lot of wear and tear. Thank goodness the folks over at Ocean Kayak make a very durable product. Lord knows I DO NOT take it easy when it comes to putting my kayak thru the paces. With that being said, there are still some part of the kayak that see inevitable wear & tear. Today, I had to replace one of my kayak carry handles…

Breakfast Flight!

This past Sunday, I had the day off work from my part-time job, so I took advantage of some nice weather to burn some holes in the sky. I took a relaxing flight up to Frederick Municipal Airport for some breakfast!

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Kayak Fishing Expedition

For my boy James’ 30th birthday, we went on a multi-day kayak fishing trip. The plan was to head down to the Outer Banks, NC, and work our way back north for a Thursday return home. This was a weather-dependent plan. And well…the weather told us exactly where to fish, and where NOT to fish. We loaded up our kayaks, and hit the road around midnight, Sunday.

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Quick preview of what my trip has included thus far… 27” black drum!

Epic Journey Ahead!

My buddy and I are hitting the road tonight for a multi-day kayak fishing expedition. We are going down to Oregon Inlet, which is in the Outer Banks, NC. We will be working our way back north, kayak fishing along the way. We plan on returning back home on Thursday.

Hopefully I’ll have a bunch of great pics, vids, and stories to share!